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About us

LahrLogistics GmbH was established by two companies organised as cooperative – fenaco in Bern (CH) and ZG Raiffeisen in Karlsruhe (DE) – and was constructed at a location in Lahr (DE) which is ideal for logistics. The warehouses are specifically geared to suit the diverse and sometimes bulky assortment of the two cooperatives. This means they are capable of handling and storing large quantities of goods.

The goods are procured by LANDI Switzerland (a subsidiary companyof fenaco) and ZG Raiffeisen on international markets and transported to the warehouses of LahrLogistics. From here, LANDI shops in Switzerland and ZG Raiffeisen markets in Germany are supplied with every conceivable kind of consumer goods related to home, garden and agriculture.

Building phases of the warehouses

The first building phase, with a warehouse and a capacity of roughly 15 000 pallet spaces, was completed in 2015. Two more warehouses were added in 2018. Since that time the site has offered capacity for a total of 45 000 pallet spaces, and is designed and built according to the latest logistics criteria.

On the plot of land LahrLogistics has more building space available, sufficient for four more warehouses in the future, which could be built to a height of up to 42 metres.


About the fenaco cooperative

fenaco is an agricultural cooperative based on a concept dating back more than 100 years. It is owned by 74 LANDIs and their good 43 000 members, the majority of which are Swiss farmers. As customer of the farmers, fenaco ensures that quality Swiss foodstuffs reach consumers – ranging from fruits, vegetables and potatoes to meat and beverages. As supplier, fenaco offers the kind of wide range of products and services that is essential for sustainable, efficient and market-oriented farming. Included among the most well-known of fenaco's brands are RAMSEIER Suisse, the meat processor Ernst Sutter, the retailers Volg and LANDI, the fertiliser merchant Landor, the animal feed manufacturer UFA, as well as the energy provider AGROLA. With headquarters in Bern, the fenaco cooperative employs roughly 10 000 workers and had net proceeds of 6,98 billion francs in 2020.


About ZG Raiffeisen

With its main headquarters in Karlsruhe, the ZG Raiffeisen-Gruppe does business as trade and service company in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Alsace. The roughly 1900 employees of the cooperative run more than 40 technical workshops, 70 ZG Raiffeisen markets, close to 30 Raiffeisen building centres, and more than 20 energy and 70 agriculture branches. Last year the ZG Raiffeisen Group had annual sales of around one billion euros.



  • 2014
    Founding of the company 
  • 2015
    Building phase 1
    Warehouse 1 
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
    Building phase 2
    Warehouse 2 & 3 
  • 2019
  • 2020


  • multifunctional logistics hub
    > Large storage capacity, ample handling space, versatile services possible
  • geographically ideal location
    > Close vicinity to the motorway, waterways, railway and airport
  • Customs processing expertise
    > For storage, import, export, receiving and shipping of goods
  • Belegschaft, welche internationale Distribution versteht
    > Tailored logistics concepts at EU cost levels

Figures and services

Number of ramps


Goods receipt

5 000 trucks/year =
up to 20/day

Goods issuing

10 000 trucks/year =
up to 40/day

Pallet spaces

45 000

Total useable space

43 300 m2

Number of employees